Monday, August 3, 2009

God's People

Couple of thousand assault rifle shooters on the two ranges at Camp Perry today. Windy, but a wonderful day. God's people.

The oldest of God's people, according to Sommer Wood, (a college student and CMP photographer), is 85. The youngest is good-looking, tall, 12-year-old Allison Otto on the Virginia Junior Team. Sommer, the photographer and art student seems like a smart and quick young lady and Allison must be capable enough or they wouldn't have brought her. The 85 year old guy? Who wants to talk to him?

Wood is a Florida student. She's been working for the CMP all summer coaching air rifle clinics. She had a Nikon digital and a Seagull twin lens reflex film camera. I said she seemed smart.

I was on Viale Range with lots of company. Texas connections all over through folks who have lived there, shot there or blame us for something. Saw Dave Watters, the first, (we think) Austrailian Distinguished Rifle. He legged out at Camp Swift. If Obama wants to rid our great nation of this terrible scourge of gun nuts, just let Texas secede.


The top 20 shooters in the President's 100 get into a 10 shot 600 yard shootoff to determine the winner. We don't have a shooter this year. I'm sure they are getting ready to shoot about now.

I was in the pits twice, once with Terri Chubb, a trama surgery nurse from Instapundit company, (Knoxville, Tenn) and then with Brandon Buz*****something, a young junior from Illinois. Terris is married to John Chubb, the famous highpower shooter who actually won the Presidents 100 once and Brandon is a kid who says "HUH?" to any comment or question. I enjoyed both equally and a lot.

Chubb is a conservative kind of nurse from Knoxville, but had never heard of Glenn Reynolds and Instapundit. Or SayUncle. Needs to get out more.

Long day on the range. I only shot well for 70 seconds when I cleaned the 300 yard target with a 100X2. Otherwise, I got worked. The Presidents 100 is granted to the top 100 scores of the match. I'll be sitting and applauding them.

The team has a trailer on the edge of the gravelled parking lot. That's where all the carts and scopes go at night. I just reloaded my mags and stashed my stuff. Oklahoma coach Gary Stephens gave me a beer out of sympathy and I headed for Commercial row and this computer.

Just gave 100 bucks to an Illinois Junior to go get change so I could buy a lottery ticket for five bucks. That's where I am. Heaven. Let a kid walk off with 100 bucks with the absolute certainty that he is coming back. I didn't even look up. Camp Perry is paradise, full of God's heavily armed people.

Opened up my rain gear sack to wrap up my cart and found 5 CMP pens I stole last year and forgot about. Reminds me: Steal Pens.

When the wheels come off they really come off. My cart threw a nut on the long roll off Viale Range and started disassembling itself. Might be a sign from God to his children, but I'm going to burn the ammo anyway.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates!

Anonymous said...

Please keep the updates coming. Do video some for Youtube when you can. And a "thanks for the updates" from me too!

Old NFO said...

Ah well, you were the bug today, but there is always tomorrow! Appreciate the updates, and I REALLY wish I was there!

Richard N said...

Great stuff. Wish I was there. Hope to see a few videos.


Anonymous said...

John Chubb won the Presidents match twice during the 1990s...

He was on the AMU at the time.