Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TSRA Calendar shoot

Here's one they didn't use last year. I thought it looked a lot like.....April.

Going to be gone overnight to shoot the Texas State Rifle Association calendar for 2010. Going to the Texas A&M Sanders Collection. Trying not to shoot anything later than 1900. They have an unbelieveable collection. Multiple LeMats.

Jayne Cobb carries a revolver based on the LeMat in Firefly. Bruce Willis carried on in Twelve Monkeys. Inman uses a battlefield pick-up LeMat in Cold Mountain.

I like LeMats.

May make a video about the shoot as well.

The calendar is a big showpiece for us. I keep the shooting cost down as part of my commitment to the TSRA and gun rights. Dr. Sneed will be assisting.
Update: Stumbling around in a post-photographic overexposure stupor. We shot 14 different guns. Unbelieveable collection...especially when you can take them out and hold them. Should have booked two days instead of one. It was really hammer and tongs to get as many as we got. I'd like to have the option to throw a few out. 14 doesn't give you many options.
Oh yeah, we got to hold and point a LeMat.


Arthur said...

I would have thought March myself, at least if it was a picture of the pointy ends.

Paladin said...

I'm semi-new to your blog, so I didn't realize you did the TSRA calendar... I'm impressed!! Mine hangs right by my computer in my study. It's my favorite calendar.

Old NFO said...

Enjoy! And I want a copy... I'll even PAY :-)

Anonymous said...

This should be very interesting. All older guns. Given A&M's history as a huge ROTC college (The Corps) I would've thought that they would have a virtual museum ad nauseum of WW1 and WW2 military sidearms, not to mention field artillery pieces. I'll bet if you really looked around there you could find some very interesting artifacts for the calendar. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

The Swede carried a LeMat in Sam Raimi's 'The Quick and the Dead' too.

Robert Langham said...

The Good Doctor is going to assist. Should be an educational delight! Plus good photos.