Friday, June 26, 2009

Digital Files from the Sanders Center

1850s-era revolving rifle.

  Pistol on a stick.

  Colt revolving sporting rifle.

1830 card table gun.  Hit me.

  Got the calendar into digital files.  What an incredible treasure trove at the Sanders Center at Texas A&M.  The Good Doctor was a lot of help and got paid off in being able to handle some rare and wonderful firearms.  Revolving flintlocks.  Bayonetted Sea Capitan pistols.  Colt Sporting rifles.  LeMats.  Harmonica gun.  Pepperboxes.  I barely skimmed the surface of this important collection.  Going to be one of the best calendars ever.

  All with Nikon 300D and one or two lights.  Lots of clamps, stands, reflectors, backgrounds, dowel rods sticking out of 2X8s, wax, et. 


Cemetery's Gun Blob said...

Thanks for sharing this way cool photos. I've never seen the bottom photo of the card table gun.

Calender? Are you doing a Calender with these photos?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Love the top pic. So intricate. I'd love to get my gloved hands on it to operate it & figure out how it works.

B Woodman

Paladin said...

I miss the Gun Collection at A&M. We used to go through and Ohh and Ahh on a regular basis when I was working on my degree.

smith kaich jones said...

OMG! I know I never comment on gun stuff, but that card table gun is just too way cool! The ever-wonderful M said when you absolutely, positively hafta shoot everybody at the table.

:) debi