Saturday, June 27, 2009

D.C. Stupidity.

  Another bill passed without being read by the folks voting on it.  A disastrously bad bill, in they eyes of many, but the larger point is: against the promises of Obama, it was voted on and passed before it was in a final form.
  They keep jamming this choice down our throats:  Slavery or rebellion?  So far, everyone pretty OK with slavery.


Tim Covington said...

It's simple. As long as the public has their bread and circuses (welfare and TV), nothing will change.

Paladin said...

I wrote to Kay Bailey and John Cornyn, just to make sure they understand what I expect from them when it comes to a Senate vote. Posted a copy of the emails here.

I strongly encourage everyone else to do the same with their Senators. Too many House Reps that were initially against the bill were bought off or caved in at the last moment. We can't let that happen in the Senate.