Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cat-caught owl

  He's flying, but just barely.

  Classic spread-out-and -look-bigger-than-you-are pose.  Screech Owl, gray phase.

  The athletic neighborhood cat had him, but probably was confused about the whole process.  Parents and sibling in the area.

  Beak snapping, biting, owl poop and I got footed a couple of times.  Like going dancing with a brunette who had too many tequilla shots.  Just too young to have much real punch.  He might be OK.  Finally pitched him up on the neighbors garage roof where there is a thick overhang.

  Update:  Cat jailed inside for the day.  Owl gone off the roof, hopefully fluttering up into overhanging brush.  Young animals survive serious injuries.  He looked beaten but not punctured or broken.

  Update II: He bit me a couple of times!  Not your usual day around the old creekbottom.  I don't know what YOU got accomplished today but I expect I am in a small and elite group of humans around the planet.  The few.  The proud.  The owl-bitten.


Megan said...

owls always look so serious

commoncents said...

Great post - I really like your blog!

ps. Link Exchange?

Robert Langham said...

You're linked Myers, just don't forget to carry a gun now and then!

Old NFO said...

Yep, they DO have a BUNCH of feathers!

Anonymous said...

Owl Bitten is much better than Hen Pecked.
Lazarus Long

Texas Shooter said...

What, no pics of your injuries?

Brigid said...

He's cute but definitely feisty looking. Great photos.