Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Daily Deercam

  Cardinals always look peeved.  Up at Clarksville I have counted as many as 50 Cardinals at a feeder in December.

  They've seen the fawn at the lake.  Mom in good shape.

  Doe ballet.

  Town deer chowing down on the new corn.

  Sixpack of happy crows in town.  Crows nested on the site- just 100 yards across the creek in one case, so this is like opening up a neighborhood snack bar.  Free.

  It's hot.  I need one more battery.  Cat-cut doe hasn't showed up for two cycles.  Poison Ivy drying up and dieing along the trail at the lake.  

  TMA site in town is going to see some construction in a week or two.  Enough disruption to move the deer, I fear.  Going to pour on the corn while I can.

  No bucks on the cards.  The cam across the creek took one photo and went dead.  Battery.


Old NFO said...

How many fawns so far?

Robert Langham said...

I've got one at the lake and two in town. Plenty more everywhere..but those are the ones who I have seen, seen the tracks of or seen their moms before and after birthing.

Cathode "Ray" said...

Once came across a redtail hawk that didn't get to finish his cardinal dinner before gettin hit by a car. Cardinal was still locked in his talons. Kinda sad kinda cool. You almost never get to see wildlife like that, up close and personal.