Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gun lust early and late.

  Tyler's good gun show was this weekend.  I didn't spend a dime for once, coming and going on a dealers pass.  Medium crowd.  Summer shows are usually lower attendance.  Probably just LOOKED like less people after the Obama crush.  Things might be cooling down.  Overpriced pieces just sitting.
  The organizers have made a fortune since the election.  Lots of As walking around with crazy prices.  Did see several stripped lowers for sale on tables.
  A sporterized 1903 Springfield early got my gun lust going.  It passed when I looked it over.  Gun lust late on a Krag carbine that a friend paid 400 for.  Nice rifle.
  Gotta love those old guns.  
  I dropped by Sunday afternoon with a box of fresh cupcakes from a doctors retirement party.  They went like...cupcakes.

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Anonymous said...

Those were some tasty cupcakes too. I noticed that the chocolate ones went at twice the rate of the vanilla or white cupcakes. Wonder why that is?

I didnt see much at the show to get excited over. Most of the good deals were probably early Saturday morning and gone by noon.