Monday, June 29, 2009

Luh-Mat or Lee-Mat?

  One of the record photos I made for the Sanders Center Firearms Museum last week.  There are some pistols that make you want to say: Slap leather, you polecat!

  Shooting the TSRA calendar for 2010.

  With this nine-shot weapon, you could shoot them off the horse....then use the (tenth shot) middle barrel to kill the horse.  If you didn't like his long face.

  Update:  A little discussion about pronunciation in the comments.  Just imagine you were a South Carolinian.   "Climb off that horse before I LeMat your Yankee ass."  So.  LeMay your ass or Lemat your ass?  I'm thinking LeMat.  It just has more poetry.

  Whichever, its a hell of a fine shootin arn.

Update II:  I edited the calendar photos so closely that the LeMat didn't make the cut.  Next year.


Paladin said...


glnroz said...

yep parrdner.. it is nice.. An old TV series "johnny Ringo" featured a pistol of this sorts. The last shot always came into play when the BAD guy thought the pistol was empty.. lol.. happen upon your site by accidental "jumping" .. thnx,

Anonymous said...

I thought it would be pronounced French, Leh-may.

B Woodman

Old NFO said...

I've always heard it pronounced Le-May also. Pretty pistol too!

catfish said...

I had a bud who let me shoot his repro Lemat a few times. Neat pistol.

And.... rednecks just called it 'merican style - Le-matt. ;)