Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hawk dancing

  Looks like he is flashing his wings at a squirrel.  I think they have words.  Often.

  Can't touch that.

  Get a lot of these kind of photos.

  On the corn pile.  Standard stuff.  The world is a miracle.

  Checked by today because I was in the neighborhood.  None of the new corn left.


Old NFO said...

Hawks are just flat interesting to watch! We have a red tail that lives in the neighborhood, I have just stopped to watch him/her on more than one occasion.

Robert Langham said...

We have a pair that lives in our town neighborhood, last year they sat on the cross on top of the church steeple all year. This year, guys were scaffolding and painting the steeple all early summer, so no hawks insight all day.

Old NFO said...

That sucks Robert!