Monday, June 15, 2009

Ransom Rest

  Shooting .45 yesterday at the Longview Range.  We were shooting a bullseye pistol practice.  Alan brought out his Ransom rest to check a pistol or two.  A Ransom Rest is a big table top pistol holder/vice/recoil mechanism.  You take off the grips and clamp your pistol in the rest.  One of the very reliable shooters has been in a bad slump.  The ransom rest showed his .45 shooting all over the place at 50 yards.  One of the guys spotted a cracked front bushing.  Never seen or imagined a cracked front bushing.  I'd hate to have to figure out HOW to crack one, but there it was.

  The bushing had been broken for a regional match at the Dallas Pistol club last week.  It had scratched the outside of the barrel.

  My Les Baer service pistol shot 3 inch groups at 50 yards.  Happy to see that.  Everyone wanted a turn.  Some interesting pistols, came out.

  I don't think Alan got to shoot his own pistols.


Robin said...

I saw a broken bushing of the old spring fingered Series 70 sort once back shooting IPSC at the South West Pistol League back in the '80's. But never a broken solid bushing.

Robert Langham said...

This was gun built to shoot service pistol. I thought a bushing might WEAR eventually....but split?

Old NFO said...

That IS a weird malf... Agree with Robert.

Ritchie said...

I myself split a bushing not too long ago. That explains why it was tighter in the slide! A fitted Micro brand, it was cracked lengthwise all the way through after (cough)many years of service. But functioning was not detectably impaired.