Saturday, June 27, 2009

Texas Heat

  You would think you could bottle it, or store it, or use it to make steam, split atoms, et.  It's hot.  Dang hot.
  Coming out of the gunshow parking lot my outside temp meter said 109 a few minutes ago.  Feels like standing on the edge of a blast furnace.
  Texas malls are famous for being cooled down to about 62.  When you walk out into the baked shimmering heat of the parking lot for about 15 seconds you have a fairly pleasant sensation of being immune to the heat- like an ice cube in a campfire.  Kind of a Texas parking lot heat mallgasm.  Doesn't last quite as long as a real gasm and you better not let it put you to sleep either.  You'll die of heatstroke.


Old NFO said...

Played a round of golf in VA today- 92 with 80+ humidity... damn near melted.. At least Texas is a DRY heat, kinda like an oven :-)

smith kaich jones said...

Yeah, I started out with good intentions today - drive around, take pictures, find something to talk about on my blog (cause I got nothing)- but this heat? Well, never mind, I said to myself. Screw it. Inside w/a book sounded much more appealing.