Sunday, March 20, 2011

Monday, March 21: General Jose Urrea takes Victoria.

General Jose Urrea.

Fannin's men are being moved back to Goliad and the casualties treated. Texican wounded still lay in the grass near Coleto Creek. General Urrea rides to Victoria and seizes the town on Monday, the 21st. Horton's mounted men flee.

There are some accounts of tension between Santa Anna And Urrea. Santa Anna has ruined several elite battalions in a bloody assault on the Alamo while Urrea and his cavalry have won at San Patricio, Aqua Dulce, captured the best Texas army at Goliad and now occupy Victoria. He has used and enlisted the locals to good result in intelligence and tactical information. He's sweeping the most occupied part of Texas while Santa Anna dallies in San Antonio.

Update: Victoria has several prominent settler families who fly the British flag and stay. The Mexican officers use their houses.

Update: Overview of the battle.