Thursday, March 24, 2011

PAL RH-36 WW2 Knives.

Ebay knives. Low end. One has a blade ground to a dagger contour. Also has a "div" stamp near the guard. Someone way back when did a great job in grinding it down. Centerline is straight on both sides.
Having two sheaths made right now for a couple of knives. Hope I have found my sheathmaker.

Update: Got a big ugly bowie knife today in the mail. WW2. Cheap off Ebay. 22.00. Hilt was flaking, awful, gungy. I cleaned it off and gave the leather a treatment.....wowzers. Post and photos tomorrow.


Paul said...

You know, if you really want to get a great WW2 knife, find a EK dagger. They were serial numbered and only a service man who had a GI ID could buy them.

Now THAT would be a find!

Robert Langham said...

They are as common as fleas on ebay. Pricey though.

Got a HEcK of a knife today. Gungy, flaky, awful hilt. Cleaned it. Wowzers. Post tomorrow.

Old NFO said...

Looking forward to seeing it!

Unknown said...

I have actuly 2 of them. there nice if you anybody would like them give me an offer thanks grand father was in world war 2