Saturday, March 26, 2011

Houston Retreats to San Felipe.

Instead of attacking on Saturday March 26th, Houston moves back one river, from the Colorado to the Brazos at San Felipe arriving there on the 28th. This is Stephen F. Austins town, the center of colonization for the old 300.

Houston as 1400 men and Ramierez Y Sesma has 800. The army isn't happy to retreat. Three or four hundred desert or get furloughed to go check on families. Houston knows Gen Gaona is at Bastrop 60 miles North, either moving to cut him off or march to Nacogdoches. Urrea has captured Matagorda 40 miles South cutting off supplies from the sea. Even if he somehow beats the Mexicans facing him across the Colorado there are two more armies in the area. He retreats. It's still raining. The men aren't happy. It's a blood feud at this point and they are spoiling for a fight.

Santa Anna leaves San Antonio to join Generals Tolsa and Ramierez Y Sesma. One port open to Texans: Galveston. The Texican government is retreating East as well, either joining Houston or moving East.

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