Sunday, March 20, 2011

Coleto Creek: Surrender.

Overnight General Jose Urrea had brought up more troops and artillery. Now he could stay back out of rifle range and shell the Texicans at will. At dawn he treated the rebels to a demonstration and then ceased fire.

The Texicans knew their position was impossible. Urrea had out-generaled Fannin and now had him trapped in an indefensible position. Fannin limped out with a flag of truce to discuss terms.

There is some controversy about this. The Mexicans say Urrea gave no terms. He certainly wouldn't need to. Fannin returned to his men and said they HAD terms, right to parole, personal property, et. The men certainly knew the stories of the defeat at the Alamo and the Mexican polity of executing all prisoners as criminals. At any rate, the Texicans laid down their arms and surrendered. The able-bodied were marched back to the presidio at Goliad. The wounded were left untreated on the prairie while the Mexican wounded and dead were tended to.

The Alamo defeated and destroyed. Now Fannin and the best trained and equipped army at Goliad surrendered. For all practical purposes, the war is over.

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