Sunday, August 30, 2009

Walking it.

In June and July the redhead and I walked about an hour every couple of days. Got me in shape for Camp Perry and glad to have the exercise. You don't want to be dragging at Perry.

I injured myself at Camp Perry......blogging. The computer table at Springfield Armory is very narrow and I sat with one knee outside the leg a few days before we came home. When I got up, I had a little hitch in my get-a-long on that hip socket. After sitting in the truck for two days coming home it was worse. Driving my 4-runner 30 miles from Rick's house in Kilgore was about level 3 pain. Nearly nauseous. I hadn't mentioned it to the redhead until I was close. It was all I could do to get to bed and start downloading the advil.

As an aside: really hard to stay enlightened when you are in pain. Yanks the chain for attention, that pain thing. Quite an experience, even for a short transit like this one. The last experience like this was a gall bladder attack while deerhunting at Clarksville. I thought it was a heart attack. Barely made it to the hospital here in Tyler and I remember the exact moment when they had finished tests and hit me with a little painkiller. I was making a disciplined effort to be polite and lucid, staying in the moment, but it was a hell of a lot easier when the morphine kicked in.

So we didn't walk for a week. Then the semester started. Then this, then that.

Tonight was the first day in a month that we walked. Fine for the last 10 days really.

The weather, (knock on sunspots), feels like it has broken for the summer. Pleasant out. Cats laying in every yard.

We walked our normal route over the hill to the Angelina watershed. There is a house where the storm drain is exposed as part of a yardscape. It's got a frog colony that usually is busy croaking away at each other. They live at the tip end of a completely different ecosystem than our house on Blackfork Creek ten blocks away. (drains to the Neches River system.) These frogs are isolated from downstream by enclosed culvert. They might wash down but I doubt any frog is going to swim 500 yards of upstream darkness to join them.

Quite the merry band. I worry that someone might inadvertently poison them with fertilizer or insecticide but so good. Ga-rumhp!


d smith kaich jones said...

Blogging is dangerous and no doubt will soon come with a government warning.

Old NFO said...

You're not the only one with a bum hip... All the flying has got mine torn up to the point that I can barely sit down... sigh...

Earl said...

Keep walking, sitting is the problem, or seems to be.

wv hamsics the computer thinks funny