Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rain delay with the IDF

On Rodreigez this morning for Day One of the NRA Highpower Rifle Championships. Three 80 shot matches spread over four days. I am on a firing point (79) with a cool hip kind of young man from California. Zach. He's one of the Cal Junior Team Grizzlies, so he handles himself well and shoots OK. I shot a 188X4 standing and a 199X6 sitting. Not bad, though it wouldn't win at Panola. Stood up there and shot a seven like a nut. A gun nut, but a nut nonetheless.

Best shooting conditions yet at Camp Perry. No wind for offhand. Should have shot better.

We shot standing and sitting at 200 and went to the pits. In the pits we had Robert Gore, and old hand and volunteer from Amherst, NY. Mr. Gore has been coming since 88 to help at the matches. "They took my field phone back in the 90s", he complained. "You could HEAR on a field phone! And you don't get a break for lunch since the messhall blew down." He's a 2nd Infantry vet of the Korean Campaign. Wearing his old campaign hat.

The famous Camp Curry Mess hall was destroyed by a tornado sometime before 2001. Used to have two serving lines and lunch was 1.75. The old cook stood at the door and knocked the hat off anyone who stepped over his threshold. No hats on in the house.

Zach, besides travelling with the California Team had been to the Ukraine and Israel with his grandfather this summer. He said it was a most excellent trip. "Israel is the most beautiful place in the world."

I'm a hawk on Israel, but Zach is going a step beyond. Wants to join the IDF. He's working on his citizenship now and making preparations. We were out-hawking each other for a while, but our bottom line is that Israel is a special non-negotiable presence in the world. It would be awfully exciting to have a chance to go to Israel and join the IDF. Katelyn Braithwaite, one of the Texas Juniors is over there presently, I believe.

Neither of us have any confidence in the Obama administration and their stance on Israel.

It's a bad idea to feed a junior but Zach seems like an exception. I tried him out on the cashew crackers, Lara bars, olives, jerky and breadsticks. Reloaded the food bag last night at Krogers. We went out to eat at Nicks Roadhouse. Burger night when you get a burger for 3.95....fixed the cooks way. Only. Pretty damn good. Finally bought a pocket comb. Before I left I buzzed my beard down to skin level but I'm beginning to look like Gabby Hayes after a week away from a trim.

Rain delay: one hour. We came out of Rodreigez pits and parked our carts in the stat shack. Mike and Breda are coming over to take me to dinner this evening, but first I get to shoot 300 rapid with Zach.

Update: Blogging from Springfield Armory. Rain just started pounding on the roof. Just in time.

Update: Amazing the way the rain poured down....then cut off and band of sunlight began to shine through. One more cell coming so they delayed us until 2:00. Ohio.

Update: Zach and I went back out to pull targets for relays 3 & 4 and by the time we came out to fire the grass was dry. He shot some nice scores and I fired some very nice groups inside the 10-ring but out of the X-ring ending up with 197X2 for my 300 yard score. The wind changed between my first string of ten and my second string and I took some off. Shooting OK.

Standing: 188X4
Sitting Rapid: 199X6
300 Prone rapid: 197X2

Zach handles his rifle very well for a young fellow (or anyone). The IDF would be lucky to get him.

On to dinner with Breda and Mike and in bed for tomorrow.

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