Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An Army of one or two

Better to be 100 than one or three, though of course the aol story omits a photo showing that it was a well -dressed black man with an AR carbine. (Nice gun for a stroll). Doesn't fit the narrative that gun owners are angry white rednecks in Nascar T-shirts.

Surprised the guy didn't get a ride downtown. Certainly wasn't because police didn't think he had committed a crime. That rarely restrains them these days does it?

I'm not enthused about this, but I'm not so sacred that I have to be happy all the time. I see the media trying to get traction and surely the anti gun folks are looking for a toe hold. Wonder if the police reaction was a response to Obama's dumb remarks and intervention in the Professor Henry Gates/Officer Crowley disaster? Or perhaps the Secret Service had pissed off the locals. Never underestimate turf wars in the LEO community.

We live in interesting times.

The President, hip and buff, has never looked better!

Update: If you want a good yuck, just watch the CNN story imbedded in the aol story. The reporters are SO curious and have so MANY questions about why this guy would carry a rifle....but they are very careful NEVER to actually, you know.....ASK him. They go to an interview....but there is zero sound of conversation, then back to the studio for more questioning and wondering.


Update: The blogosphere does the job the press won't do! The black man denied a voice by CNN....he speaks! He's a libertarian! He's funny! Bonus points for Obama/Joker masks as well!


Anonymous said...

We had 6 idiot Klan members hold a rally in town.

The mayor want all firearms banned from the site. The local PD agreed.

The county sheriff informed them that was illegal under KY law and he would arrest anyone who attempted to disarm citizens.

The sheriff said risk does not override rights. He will always get my vote. There were no problems at the rally

Yes, there is a huge amount of turf wars between most LEO agencies. I do training in that world and it's ugly and a waste of money.


Robert Langham said...

Nothing more pitiful than the Klan. If you had six, you probably had them all.

Anonymous said...

You just have to wonder if the Secret Service Countersniper team wasnt using this guy as a range marker. Probably dedicated a pair of field glasses just to keep him under observation the whole time. Most especially when POTUS was in the area.