Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mars view

I make a few short videos but I'm not making them on Mars. Quite a photographic feat to pan around in this photo. Looks like several deserts I have visited.

Instead of mucking around destroying the economy and civil life government ought to be doing more of this kind of thing. We need to get off the planet, not just on mission-specific trips to one planet while burning all the resources of the spacecraft, but something that can go anywhere in the solar system, dispatch shuttles to the surface, bring them back and go somewhere else.

One of the incredible Mars Rovers is currently stuck in the sand, but still alive far past it's expiration date. Good chance it will get out. Rover Opportunity found a big meteorite the other day. Hope it finds and arrowhead or bison skull next.

Where is the Gallactica or the Enterprise?

Update: Good news! Seems unrelated but Senate Ethics panel has cleared Senator Dodd of all charges that he received preferential treatment from Countryside Mortgage, who his committee oversaw and he received campaign contributions from. You think we humans are going to make progress with this political class?


Update: Or science like this. I'm ashamed to admit I used to belong to Greenpeace, way back when, and admired them for their commitment to preserving the environment. They've rotted.

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Old NFO said...

One hopes Robert, one hopes they will allow NASA to actually do something! Much of the current tech base was because of the space program!