Saturday, August 22, 2009

Darkroom Tonight

Some of the exhibition in color...

The rest in Black and White.

I don't mention it often here, but I'm working on an exhibition for the Tyler Museum of Art. Trying to wrap up the prints by the first of Sept. Tonight was darkroom work making prints on 20X24 paper. Certainly fun to see the images come up. Nice big negatives. First prints of the series. Darkroom is as good as ever, or better, though I had to toss some unmixed Zone VI paper developer left too many years. Being careful with wash water- tap is running about 92 degrees on the cold side. The trick I use is to run the hot water with the water heater turned off for a couple weeks. It makes a nice cool vat of water at the temp of the central air.

I'm a genius at photographing where there is nothing notable or scenic.

Can't wait to see them in the morning.

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catfish said...

I'd be interested in seeing it once the exhibit opens up, please let us know when!