Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Breda and Mike travelling roadshow!

Free dinner at Nicks Roadhouse and rifle bar, which was full of marines shooting pool and fondling the waitresses. There isn't a girlfriend when spelling "TEAM" I don't think. We toured Camp Perry and I told them everything I know, plus a little more. Then I left a big tip at Nicks and we came back to walk out on the Camp Perry pier and watch a museum grade sunset over the nuke plant. Really was something. Canada geese in a raft near the beach. Beautful colors. I'd bought a new Dewey rod, chamber brush and patches which drove off to Cleveland with them. Glad to be able to spend a little face time, though at Nicks I did notice that I had a whole Nick Burger left on my plate as they were finishing. Talked too much.

Dinner tonight with some fellow Texans and Panola county folks, the last men standing up here.

Randy Nash just came by with word of a freebie at Armalite, just a door or two down commercial row. I'm there.

Later, you patriots.

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Old NFO said...

Glad you got a night "off" so to speak!