Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day Three: Roommates that don't snore

I've got Jeff Lin, the heart surgeon. As anyone knows, heart surgeons are without flaw. He didn't make any more noise than a vampire in a gold coffin so I didn't bat an eye until Rick turned on the light at 6:30.

Today is a practice day. We are set for squadded practice on Rodreigez range as soon as the Marine junior clinic finishes. We had time so we walked over to commercial row.

Weighed triggers this morning. Last night everything passed during a big session at Mar-Lu. This morning at the CMP trailer, nothing passed the 4 1/2 lb weight test. We walked next door to the National Guard trailer and, mysteriously, their weights worked. My Springfield 1903 doesn't pass yet but I have a spare rough sear stuffed in the buttstock cleaning kit hole. It will.

Raining this morning, now perfect weather. Feels like air conditioning out there. I wouldn't want to be here in February but it's awfully nice now.

Team sorting out. Shaking out equipment, moving in. All the usual routine. Not a knothead in amongst the exas Team. Everyone happy to be here, heavily armed.

My cart, two rifles, scope, food, water, jacket, et all parked under the maples at the back of Rodreigez. Safer than in my yard at home. Folks walking around with assault rifles slung. Juniors shooting at 600 yards right now. On my cart I have about 200+ rounds of carefully made match ammo. Still waiting for the shootouts to start and the blood to start flowing. Gotta happen, right? NRA, assault rifles, away from home, kids with guns..........

Crickets from the anti-gunners. Doesn't fit the narrative.