Wednesday, August 26, 2009


He had a lock on a Senate seat because of his family name. Just like the founders envisioned. He inherited a fortune so he never worked or pretended to.

His basic character was revealed when he left a young woman behind as he swam out of a car he had driven into water. For this he was never arrested, charged, tried or held to account.

As a family man he was a failure and fraud. He was an unreformed alcoholic.

He coarsened the confirmation process for the country when he lied and smeared Judge Bork, a coarsening that has only gotten worse, once started.

Ted Kennedy is the poster boy for everything that is wrong with politics in our Republic.

The accolades are flowing like good scotch.

Udate: He liked a good joke about Chappaquidick. HELL of a guy!


Jerry said...

here is an "interesting" accolade:

Lost Fart Teddy Kennedy Tribute

Lord MegaDong said...

Also don't forget he was :

A key player in the creation of Medicare in 1965

A major driving force behind the passage of the Immigration Reform Act of 1965

In the 1980s, supported the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, a Soviet-sponsored initiative that would have frozen the USSR's military superiority in place

Secretly contacted the head of the Soviet KGB in 1983, in an effort to undermine the Reagan presidency

Favored higher taxes for people in upper income brackets, but took many measures to minimize his own tax liability

Its too bad there isn't a strain of Deadly virus that would strike, "ruthlessly tyrannical, and corrupt scumbag leader types"

Thin some more of them.

Anonymous said...

Good catch on the undermining National Security under President Reagan. There is a book out with a copy of the KGB report on the conversations had with Teddy and his offers to bring Walter Cronkite and Barbara Walters with him on a visit and get them to do favorable interviews with him so that he could directly contact the american people and undermine the nuclear arms negotiations then taking place. Go to the Sweetness & Light website for the full text of the letter.

smith kaich jones said...

Kudos to everyone for all these reminders. I turned on the tv a bit ago, gonna catch the local news which should be up in a bit, and ABC is running a special on the man. I can only assume it was just an hour special, but who knows? Good God! And now the local station is talking to some local woman who worked with him. LOL - Her last name is Reagan, and she says he would always take her elbow when they crossed the street together - telling how polite he was! Yep, that's him. So polite to women. This is ridiculous, pathetic, and so revealing.


Old NFO said...

whatta you expect after the outpouring for Whakco Jacko? Honesty??? And he's going to Arlington!

Bradley said...

you cant drink scotch anymore, not after letting the lockerbie bomber go, Now you have to drink Irish Whiskey, and that's better anyways!

Anonymous said...

Excellent here's my take

Okay I thought I'd be safe watching Fox News last night, but no Shep Smith was going on and on drooling about this man. I would cover the story this way.

Senator Ted Kennedy died yesterday after utilizing the best technology and medical care the world has to offer battling brain cancer. Mr. Kennedy was a well known liberal and a brother of a former President Jack Kennedy, who started the Vietnam War and Robert Kennedy the Presidents Attorney General. Both were shot under romantic circumstances and unfortunately not after due process of law.

Mr. Kennedy was kicked out of Harvard for cheating. With help from his Father, Joe Kennedy, (who made a fortune as a bootlegger during prohibition, and later was fired as ambassador to the UK by fellow socialist FDR for being a Nazi Sympathizer) secured him a spot at Brown University and later helped him become a US Senator at the age of 30 while accomplishing nothing.
After securing his Senate seat in 1962 the well known womanizer and drunk, Mr. Kennedy drove a car off a bridge in Chappaquiddick in 1968 with a women, Mary Joe Kopechne. Rather than reporting the accident and later claiming he was too tired to try to save her, he found energy to swam across the bay and called his campaign manager. Later in his career he would claim Robert Bork hated women.

In 1980 Mr. Kennedy challenged the worst President ever, Jimmy Carter and lost in the Democratic Primary. Later that decade his nephew was accused of committing rape at the Spring Break Kennedy compound in Florida.

Mr. Kennedy has championed many bills such as Medicare and, medicaid that eventually will bankrupt the country. Most uneducated voters have supported this demagogue. Most insiders predict as usual the Democrats will exploit his death in an attempt to pass universal health care thus making 99.9% of Americans unable to obtain the type of treatment Mr. Kennedy received during the last year of his life.
Many in the media will spin Mr. Kennedy as a man who "reached across the isle to work with Republicans." When in fact the only time Mr. Kennedy reached across the isle was to kick a Republican in the groan.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention he was expelled twice from Harvard for cheating. He also enlisted in the Army after he was expelled, but his father pulled strings to get his enlistment shortened and for him to serve in Paris, not Korea during the Korean war. He was a college boy, but never rose above the rank of Private.

Anonymous said...

I think 51% of the population of Massachusetts must still believe in the divine right of kings.

That's the only way to explain the Kennedy family sway in that state

Windy Wilson said...

"Swimmer" Ted never worked a day in his life. He never worked for his own money. Is it any wonder he never developed any character? Remember, it has only been since 1960 that people commonly believe that lack of character and honesty is formed by poverty rather than wealth.