Sunday, August 2, 2009

Finally, shooting, but not real shooting.

Squadded practice today. It didn't break 80 degrees (dude!) but it was a bit windy. Takes all day to shoot the practice. First the Marine clinic is overtime getting finished and off the range in front of us, then the range folks are learning their jobs. Supposed to start at 11:00. First round went off after 12:20. I'm back now, but the last relay is still firing. Rick is watching Katie and Gregg and Carl is hanging with them. Justin and Clay in the pits.

Just takes time. Someone ran over a Canada Goose carcass with the mower and blew feathers all over Rodriegez. Something I don't see every day. Plus Eagles turning far out over the lake beyond the targets.

Camp Perry has a constant tug of gotta, gotta, gotta. We gotta get squadding tickets. We gotta get breakfast. We gotta move gear. We gotta have a team meeting. We gotta get to commercial row. We gotta get to dinner. We gotta look at Garands at the CMP store. I gotta buy stuff for folks who call with shopping requests. Meanwhile, of course, you have to SHOOT. That just means watching the front sight and pressing the trigger straight back. I had a new load at 600 to find the zero on, then an attack of salty eyes at 200, plus wind, wind, wind. Blowing the bullets around and blowing me around while I shot standing.

Gotta remember to breathe deep.

Wallace, Rick, Keith, Katie Foster. Gregg. Dave Guthrie. Great folks to be on the range with plus we met people. Gun people. Rick got recognized off a Blackfork6 Channel Video and I got my first groupies. Unfortunately, they were 55 year old men from Kansas. That's the breaks.

I gotta get a wedge for my AR lower and remember my bandanas for eye wipes.

Gotta gotta gotta. And I gotta go. Springfield Armory is trying to close.


Old NFO said...

GO already... :-) Enjoy the time and the friendships!

Anonymous said...

This is the link to the match results from the Nationals being held at Camp Perry. Today is the Presidents 100 match. Cut and paste the above URL to get to the overall results page. The standing scores were lower than you might expect. I suspect the wind is really blowing up there today, Monday. Enjoy.