Friday, August 21, 2009

Respecting America

ANOTHER terrorist freed to go home.

Obama waves at him as he goes by.

I thought electing the One was going to bring stability, respect and harmony to our reputation on the world stage? Obama doesn't seem to have any influence with the Scots, the Brits, the Libyans. So far, they seem to be thumbing their noses at our hippest and coolest President evah.

Nike must be pleased that the mass-murdering terrorist chose their hat and logo to wear as he made his exit. No publicity is bad publicity, right? Maybe that's what the One is thinking.

The Quds force, now this guy. Manson should get his walking papers any time now!

Remember Obama promising, (sorry, sorry......reset your irony meters.), to follow Osama bin Laden into his cave and kill him, even if he had to invade Pakistan? When is that tough guy, (blaming Bush and threatening Israel don't count), going to show up?

Update: I'm just a simple fellow who would just as soon be loading deercam photos than following politics. Hard not to notice Obama going on vacation for the rest of the month. Martha's Vinyard. As he left the Whitehouse released new figures.....9 TRILLION in debt, a few trillion more than they said the day before.
Hope he has a nice restful vacation.


Old NFO said...

Empty suit, empty promise...

Anonymous said...

Hurricane headed up the Atlantic coast. Enjoy the vacation Mr. "O".
Lazarus Long