Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I've been to Viale on a cart with no name.

And since you ask, it IS pretty good to be out of the rain. Monet-quality sunrises nearly every morning with a mix of seagulls and Canada Geese circling overhead. This morning was the continuation of the Navy Cup, the Coast Artillery Cup and the Army Mulepack Double Saber Big Gulp cup. Hard to keep up with. Every match has many sub-matches inside.

In the pits first with Joe E. Wyatt. He donated the Wyatt Trophy, a CMP National Trophy given to the top Navy shooter in the EIC/Leg match. It's a silver cup given to his dad, a Navy Captian (Naval Academy, '38) who had a long and distinguised career. Joe is another interesting guy, high school physics teacher and MBA with an interest in psycology. He and his son are both Distinguished Riflemen who got most of their points with the same M14 from the state association of New Jersey.

Stuck cases on the line. The Marine armorer, who seems to have only a hat and a cleaning rod came down to punch them out. Jon Gett, another Distinguished Rifle and shipbuilder, (nuke subs, carriers) gave me a fresh extractor and I installed it on the spot. Didn't help but I got through the sitting rapid with a 199X6. Pushed one out the top.

At 600 I shot next to Tobie Tomlinson, the AMU shooter. I was shooting along on the downwind side of the ten ring when a ten came up on the UPwind side. I noticed Tomlinson was in his scope. Turns out we were on the edge of the first of two reversals. (wind quits blowing from one side and blows from the other) I waited until Tobie had fired another ten before I began shooting. 192X7 with a very unfortunate seven out the bottom. Must have crawled up into the peepsight. Ruined a nice score. Finished with two Xs in a row.

Glad to see the Blue Bunny Bar kid at the back of Viale.


Rich in Ohio said...

That Blue Bunny kid was there weeks ago when I finished the Pistol Small Arms Firing School. He was the only vendor selling food at Camp Perry that afternoon. I was certainly happy to see him.

Old NFO said...

Good report, sorry about the dropped shots..