Sunday, March 29, 2009

TSRA Mid-Range Championship.

  The winners.  John Rhynard shot his Palma rifle: 593X69.  That's shooting, just dropping seven points over two days.

  Overview of the 101 competitors at the 300 yardline.

 F-O class rifle. (F-O stand for F-class , Open)

  Here's something to chill a progressive's blood:  A dad teaching his kid to shoot.  Lot of dad/kid combos on the line.

  Just home from Camp Swift between Elgin and Bastrop.  Lots of video coming up but here's a little photo sample.
  Course of fire was 20 shots with two sighters from 300, 500 and 600 on Saturday and Sunday.  120 rounds for record, all prone single load and fire.  Four catagories:  Service rifle, Match rifle, F-TR (bipod and scope) and F-O (open class).  Plus we had guard and sniper teams shooting with us.  101 folks plus the 30 or so military.
  20-35 MPH winds on Saturday and cold.  Hardly any wind Sunday but it reversed a lot, giving fits at 500 and 600 yards.  Rick Crawford said he had some five minute windage changes- talking off three MOA left and putting on two MOA right.  I believe it.
  Stayed in barracks inside a Homeland Security concentration camp.  Double wire, guard towers, baracks.  All gates open and nothing manned but there it was.  Work makes you free and all.  Evidently, that rumor is true.
  Lousy shooting.  Worse than last year.  Just can't get used to aperture sights, and it shows.  Best string was a 195X6 or so.  Should have taken my AR15 instead of match rifle.  Fun anyway.


Bradley said...

get them heels down. you have to have your feet laying flat when prone.

Kevin said...

"Just can't get used to aperture sights, and it shows."

Remember, Ape-r-ture Sights; They ain't for the weak minded!

Anonymous said...

Man you be having some problems finding good accomodations. You went from the undercover motel to what sounds like a POW barracks.

If I were you I'd stay in one of the larger towns. Maybe one with a good barbecue place in it, like Elgin or maybe Bastrop.

Robert said...

We ate some barbeque at Southside and Meyer's in Elgin. You are right about the accomodations, but as long as they aren't guarding the wall and leave the gates open I'm happy to stay in the Concentration camp. It was nice. Lotta cleared land all around though. Ready-made prison.

Anonymous said...

Bradley, only when someone is shooting back. Ever wonder why shooting boots have square toes?

But get that gut UP! Use the trigger-side knee, and take the weight off your diaphragm, or your heartbeat will telegraph straight to your sling arm.