Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gentle, woodland creatures, Part deux.

  Happy yet?

  Doing the snapping turtle flip in shallow water.

  The classic "log" pose.

  Neck full of leeches.

  Before I get into the double wet, hairy, beavers, I need to post about another charming woodland resident who was less than charmed to be photographed.  
  I don't quite understand the attitude.  I come in peace for all mankind.  For all she knows I could work for National Geographic and this could be the start of a Big Gig.
  But no.  She had to channel her inner dinosaur.
  Southern Snapping Turtle up the side stream.  Unable to escape the keen eye and senses of homo photographicus.  Happy, happy, happy.

Update:  A Southern Snapper, not an Alligator Snapper.  (no ridged back)  Male or female I have no idea.  Will be able to recognize in the future due to hole in the edge of shell on the back.

Update II:  Dallas Morning News story this morning about turtle trapping and selling.  Several mistakes in it, but better than nothing.


Old NFO said...

I've seen those suckers bite through a good sized limb before. Give me a .45 and plenty of standoff from them!

Robert said...

I wouldn't hug her and not just because of the leeches. She had her lunge on, but pretty cold in the water.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your photos...makes me miss country living.


c said...

Now THOSE things creep the hell out of me. I'd rather deal with a bushel of copperheads.

Len said...

The leaches are a nice touch...very homey.

Robert said...

My friend Bill Lamar says the Copperhead snake density in East Texas is 125 per acre. I haven't seen a snake of any kind this Spring, yet.