Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm green.

  I'm shooting this weekend at the NRA Regional Match at Bayou Rifles South of Houston.  We shoot a team match Friday, the NRA Regional 80 shot match on Saturday and a 50 shot EIC match on Sunday.  
  All my ammo is recycled.  I'm shooting Lake City brass from 2003 and 2004.  These cases have been shot three or four times, including the US Armed Forces shooting them once.  After I shoot them this weekend they will get cleaned, sized, trimmed and reloaded another couple of times.
  The USG never reloads cases, ever.  
  So the Government decision to crush their once-fired brass, instead of selling it at auction is a pretty big deal to competitive shooters as well as commercial reloaders.  It's a pointless waste of a valuable resource.
  Of course it does stick a finger in the eye of firearm enthusiasts, which must the point of this new regulation change.  They hate us.  They are intent on destroying us.  They are quite happy to do it incrementally, bit by bit as anyone in government knows.  
  Does this make me love and respect the government?
  There are rumors that this has been reversed, but notice, the rumored reversal is NOT for 50 cal brass.  They are using the old excuse of terrorism.  Notice:  even with the reversal, they get their little bite.
  I doubt very much that terrorists reload.

Update:  New front post on the AR- a wider one.  Loading, packing.  Haven't shot this rifle across the course so no zeros at 300 and 600, but I can make a good guess.  Shot it this morning off the bench at 200 and then one little sitting group.  Ought to be able to interpolate from there.


Anonymous said...

Of course, the agency civil service career bureaucrats just go along with it - or even start this garbage themselves. Sometimes more than the politicians need to be removed from their jobs.
Lazarus Long

Old NFO said...

Go, do and have fun! I'm stuck in Kalifornia this weekend, no guns, no shooting... sigh...

catfish said...

Good luck!!

catfish said...

allright - how'd you do? Let's see those trophies!!

Windy Wilson said...

"I doubt very much that terrorists reload."
More's the pity. If they did that with the same attention to detail and quality results they bring to everything else they make, our guys at the sharp end of the stick would have even less to worry about.
Where do terrorists really buy the .50 BMG they're shooting all the airliners down with? I recall reading how, back in the 1950's some Filipino (Interesting how none of the "Ph" combinations show as correct spellings) General infiltrated the Huks, a separatist terrorist organization, and sold them ammo, without them knowing the government knew it was selling. He saw to it that a small number of rounds, mixed in with the normal bullets, had TNT instead of regular smokeless.
Kablooie! Scratch one terrorist, and lower the morale of X others.
Why aren't our Spookwar guardians this imaginative?