Friday, March 6, 2009

13 Days to Glory: Blogging the Battle of the Alamo.

  Texas Stamp on an 1845 State rifle.

  I learned much and stayed with one subject for two weeks on my blog.  New approach.  I was tempted to post about other events during the TSRA convention and a remarkable two weeks of D.C. foolishness but decided to honor the battle by keeping it simple.  

  Sorry for the mistakes.  I tried to keep them to a minimum and correct when I saw them.  I rarely had an idea for a day's post other than surveying my sources and seeing what came to mind.  Usually wrote and posted late so that a new post would go up near midnight.

  My three sources were Hardin's excellent "Texian Illiad", Edwin P. Hoyt's "The Alamo, An Illustrated History", and Huffine's dramatically titled "Blood of Noble Men, The Alamo Siege and Battle."  There are new sources and stories yearly.

  I hope to make this an annual effort.  The battle deserves contemporary presence on the world wide web in this modern time of complexity and bureaucratic confrontation of human rights.  

  Thanks to everyone who read and commented.  

  Remember the Alamo.


alan said...

Thanks for the living history Robert. I enjoyed reading it every day.

dneylon said...

Thanks very much Robert. I really enjoyed this.

Doc said...

Robert, Thank you for this day by day account. I really enjoyed this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I enjoyed the story.


Old NFO said...

Thanks Robert, that was very well done! I appreciated the lessons and enjoyed the reading!

Ted said...

Robert, I can speak for a whole state full of Yankees when I say thanks.


This was a great series of reads.

Greybeard said...

I'm halfway through your Alamo posts, savoring every one.
I took the digital-audio tour there in the fall and was knocked out. Your blog filled in many blanks.

phlegmfatale said...

Thanks for spelling out the sequence. Inspiring events deserve such inspiring remembrances.