Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Reality!

  Defining conservatism:  When a conservative say's he's going to post photos of hot, young, wet, hairy beavers.....he uses real beavers.  That's all you need to know, right there.

Update:  No cam up tonight.  Still raining.  The bottom is flooded.  They are going to be busy everywhere until the water gets back in the channel.  Dam Beavers!

UpdateII:  Flooding down along the creek.  Water back in channel.  Cam back in position for Thursday (tonight) and Friday AM.  Beavers were busy up and down the creek during flooding cutting trees and eating bark.  Now, I'm having peppermint tea and the redhead and I are going out later to eat later.   No bark.  And down in the bottom today it was raining and 39 degrees.  I was so cold I was unfocused, (so to speak) while trying to photograph.  I have a lot of respect for the beavers.  They live there and love it, bark for dinner or not.

Update III:  Big sandbars moved around in the creek channel.  Wonder how my snapping turtle friend is doing?  Sandbar right through the center of his pool.  

Update IV:  Lots of hits looking for the beavercam.  Hope to have plenty of fresh, hot, young, wet, hairy beavers in the morning, guys!  Just try and keep your bark on!


S.logan said...

Robert, ask and ye shall receive:

Thanks for stopping by! I'll check back in often to see how your resident wildlife is faring.



Robert said...

Thanks Logan! Happy Instalanche!