Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Distinguished Rifleman Badge Videos up.

  Over at the Blackfork6 Channel on Youtube.  Walt Haley, badge number 1910 and Nez Rongero, badge 1234 are up.  More coming as I get editing time!
  Takes 30 points in EIC (Excellence in Competition) matches to earn a badge.  You have to be in the top 10% of the finishing non-distinguished shooters to get points.  
  Sound easy?  OK.  One of the LEGs has to be an 8 point award, preferably 10 points for a win.
  The match is a 50 shot rifle match with a service rifle.  (Garand, M1A or AR15)  10 shots standing at 200 yards, 10 shots sitting rapid fire at 200, 10 shots prone rapid fire at 300 yards and 20 shots prone slow-fire at 600 yards.  No sighters.  Every shot counts.  You can't make a mistake.
  Someone pointed out that there are more people who have climbed Mount Everest than have Distinguished Rifleman badges.  They have been awarding badges for over 100 years and less than 2000 civilians have them.  The armed forces give the same award, but un-numbered and they can shoot a slightly different match shot by large numbers of inexperienced troopers.  Cannon fodder.

Update:  I'm #1639.  Notice- I haven't made a video about me and Hell, I was THERE! 

Update:  Nelson Shew up.  Trying to edit a jumbled morass of John Wilder video into some kind of structure.  Those guys are some old-time serious shooters and coaches.


Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on Appleseed and their training? Will taking their weekend seminar vastly improve my riflery?

Anonymous said...

Those are Pretty Swell, lordmegadong@gmail approves!

I loaned Nez my Coat the very first match he shot in Elgin. I remember thinking, what a nitwit! Ha ha... Next thing you know he was Master Class!

Good luck at the Midrange Match if you go!

Anonymous said...

Nez is no garden-variety nitwit, he is an exceptional nitwit! In fact, he might be a museum-class, dreadnought, industrial-grade olympic-quality nitwit. He puts the wit back in the nits and all that!

Appleseed fun and educational to shoot. You might check out some of my sling videos.

Anonymous said...

I have watched blackfork's youtube sling videos. Very educational!