Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tax Pie Protest.

  50 thousand folks protesting in the street in New York City....but wait....

  They want taxes RAISED...(on someone else) they can have their "piece of the pie."

  Government workers.  This is what the country is up against.  50K folks belonging to unions with public jobs protesting CUTS by the Democrat-led state government of New York State.  

  They can't be fired and they want THEIR PIECE OF THE PIE!!!!  The pie was made and cooked by someone else of course....they don't care.  They are entitled!  Those evil rich can "give up just a little more."

  Obama was dumb enough to go to Ohio to celebrate 25 jobs "saved" by his stimulus: 25 new   policement graduating from a police academy.  Paid by taxpayers dollars.  (Is there ANYTHING free money can't do?)

  Idiots.  Out of their depth.

Update:  I was happy to shoot the Panola County Gun Club Highpower rifle match today.  First class event.  One of the pretty good kids there though is trying to get hired by a local police dept.  First thing he mentioned was that the pay starts at 53K a year.  That 53K, plus benefits, plus pension, plus, plus, plus has to come out of the taxpayers at gunpoint.  Sheesh.

Update: SayUncleanched.  Biggest hit day ever.  Thanx, Unc!


Anonymous said...

Anyone up for an East Texas Tea Party on April 15, just like the ones that are being held across the United States?

Robert said...

The closer the better as far as I am concerned.