Monday, March 9, 2009

Tea Party signage.

  The Redhead and I are trying to decide what to say with our graphic, professional foamcor signs on big sticks that we plan to carry at the April 15th Tea Party.  
  So far:

1.  Stimulus = Bovine By-Product.

2.  One Ring to rule them all and in darkness bind them.  (the "O" is the Obama/Pepsi graphic)

3.  BOR.  (sign in the shape of a revolver)

4.  Obama & Obama: Enemies Foreign & Domestic.

5.  Liberty.

6.  Read the damn Bills!

7.  Working Poor.

8.  Obama Lied, the Economy Died.

9.  A pitchfork flagstaff with a Gadsten flag.

10.  Gadsten Flag.

11.  They already Tread on Me! (Gadsten snake biting the head of a politician.)

12.  Working:  Is it Worth It?

13. Tax Slave of the US Government.

14.  George Washington would already be shooting the bastards!

  Yeah, I'm mad and it's clouding my judgement.  That's why I'm starting early so I can cool off and get the best idea.  Anyone have a suggestion?  I'd like it to bite enough to make someone grasp their weapon, but not actually pull it and shoot me.
  If I had a giant puppet...I'd hammer all morning.


smith kaich jones said...


Cause it'll take a couple of hobbits, filled with fear but knowing what they have to do & having the cojones to do it, to get us out of this mess.


Ted said...

Remember who it's aimed at. Not Obama and crew, but rather Mr. and Mrs. Middle America.

If they see one of their own, we win.

Understand the anger, bu that's my $0.02 worth.

Anonymous said...

How about just simply "Tax Slave"? Most would get the point. Less words, more likely to be seen and read.

phlegmfatale said...

They're all good, but I'm partial to #8. Where's the tea party going to be, and should I be there, too?

Old NFO said...

Either the Gadsten Flag or Tax and Slave...

Robert said...

Phleg: There is a facebook page for a Dallas Tea Party. We figured you might want to come along.
Katie has her facebook page up under her name. Don't forget the two Ts she has. In her last name I mean.
She'll call, we'll call. All that. Might be a nice time to call out the gunbloggers.

Mulligan said...

I'm gonna keep mine simple:

side 1: YOU'RE FIRED

side 2: Resign or be Prosecuted

km said...

Here are a few ideas:
1. Redistribute your pay Washington DC. Not mine.
2. Tax Cheats you hire them, we can fire them.
3. Why work? Get your cheese sandwich.
4. His name is Barney & he is not a purple dino. But a wind bag, with a large wallet and Freddie Fan.
5. Want Fairness go to China.
6. Where is Redistribution in the Constitution?
7. Who cares about Ear Marks? I do.
8. How about another T-T-Trillion? We need more ink at the Treasury.
9. Cash, Check or Charge or TARP?
10. Money print more Money, my great grandchildren don't mind yet.
11. You don't care - sign the bill. We care and have had our fill.

JR said...

I really like #4, but probably not for the tea party.

Make a great bumper sticker.