Monday, March 9, 2009

Daily Deercam

 Mom and the boys last month.

  The boys and mom across the creek.  Big bucks are dropping their antlers right now and are probably still in a bachelor pack.  They don't seem to be in my territory so I won't find any sheds though I am looking.
  These little bucks will grow four and six point antlers and be as dumb as dogs this next fall.  Moms will run them off and they will pal around getting into trouble without a territory to defend or knowing what's going on.
  They look healthy.  Mom is doing a good job.

  I have a beaver dam I need to monitor.  I'm cutting their dam and they are repairing it every night.  Trying to decide whether to move one of my cams or use as an excuse to buy a new one.

Update:  Added a 4.0 megapixel Moultrie that uses D-Cells.  Going to be my move-around cam.
  Starting off as Beavercam!  With wet, hairy, wild beavers!  Dam!

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Anonymous said...

If you want to drive them crazy cut a hole in the dam and lay a 6 foot piece of perforated 6 inch cheap pvc septic tank pipe in it. They will build the dam back around the pipe locking it in. When they go to plug the holes in the downstream side of the perforated pipe they will go crazy. Running water trips some mental circuit with those critters.