Friday, March 13, 2009


  Do I look like I'm damming?  Hell, yeah I'm damming!

Update:  Welcome Sayuncleanchers!  More wet, hot, young, hairy beavers frolicing in the rushing water, plus political griping, rabid coons, pissed off Snapping Turtles at HOME.


Old NFO said...

Looks a little pissed off too :-)

Robert said...

I don't think they whistle while they work.

Jay G said...

Why do I hear "I'm Alright" in my head???

Mikee said...

I was mightily surprised in 2001, when I moved into my new suburban home north of Austin, Texas, to find that the miniscule waterway wending its way through my new subdivision held a healthy family of beavers. They have been happily damming for 8 years now, living off cattails that grow just below their dam. While they can gnaw through just about anything, they don't like the cedar growing along the stream. Darned strange suburban wildlife, they put up with Labrador retrievers using their reservoir for a swimming hole and any number of small children playing around their den during the day. I like 'em.

Moriarty said...

Is that the same one I just chased off the place a couple of weeks ago?

Dammed up the creek, chewed down a couple of trees and made a hell of a mess... Much to my surprise I caught him at work one day, but he dove before I could get on him with my 1911. After that I started taking walks with the AR, occasionally popping a round into the water. I think he got the message and moved downstream. Took me quite a while with the backhoe to take out the dam.

(Sighs.) Now my wife is giving me hell for being too hard on the beaver.