Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tea Parties. What's the plan?

  Besides saying we're mad as hell....what do we WANT?  I'm just a mud-slogging, deer hunting, turtle-grabbing, beaver-bothering, pistol waving nut, but what would reasonable intelligent people want?

  Somebody is going to make a list soon.  Here's mine:

  1.  The resignation of anyone who voted for the stimulus without reading it.

  2.  Term limits and the resignation of anyone who has been in Washington over 15 years.

  3.  Federal and State govts must retreat behind their constitutional limits.

  I'm taking a Gadsten flag to the tea party, but it's way out of date.  I've got footprints on TOP of footprints all over my body, property, soul and wallet.  They are ALREADY treading all over me and everything I consider reasonable and hold dear.

Update:  One of the keys when talking to elected representatives, is to reference "Petitioning for redress of grievances."  That particular phrase, (especially with a video cam to back it up), seems to get added attention.


km said...

1) Creating a conservative agenda as strong as the Demos. We need leadership at the party level.
2) Each person needs to monitor their representatives. Email, write or call them.
3) Write down the causes that you believe in.. then speak up to your representatives.
4) Join groups that support your causes like I stand behind the 2nd Amendment so I would join the NRA. Look at local and state groups too.

I believe that Washington dogs are just wagging their tail. We need to show them who the boss is. We need to sponsor bills that:
1) Don't allow a auto raise in Congress.
2) Congress people need to have the same retirement and healthcare as the rest of us.
3) Congress people need to have a term limit of three terms period. No more of this old dying guy passing laws that he is not going to live under.

Old NFO said...

If we combine 1 and 2, we get rid of ALL the idjits... :-)

Dock said...

Hey, why don't we ALL just get government jobs?

That would work, right?


catfish said...

Hell, I'd be happy if the gummint didn't let the supply of 5.56 brass dry up!! It's about to get ugly in ammo land....