Thursday, February 19, 2009

Slap (chimp) leather! You cowards!

  Disarm and rely on 911?  No problem.  Just be patient.  Use a knife.  Be patient, dang it, they are on the way!  Didn't I ask you to try and be patient?  Or use reason!  Separate yourself from the animals!

 Daley helpfully speaks up.  When they said "Chimp" and "President" I thought they were talking about Bushy McChimpyhitler.  AG Holder says we're all cowards anyway.  

  Real men would have tazed him or done a little boxing.  Why didn't they get a protective order instead?

  For someone armed with only a butcher knife, she sure wanted someone with a gun to shoot that distressed chimp.

  I blame Chimpy McBushitler.

Moral:  If you are going to have a chimp, don't just have a chimp and a knife.  Have a chimp and a knife and a gun.

Update: WWTD?

Update II:  Heckfire!  I completely forgot about Curious George.  Important not to make fun of the President.


smith kaich jones said...

And ammunition!

OMG - this had me laughing my ass off! You are underpaid!

:) Debi

Robert said...

I can't believe you have misumderstood this compassionate report of a tragedy! A gentle woodland creature was SHOT TO DEATH!

smith kaich jones said...

Well, you know how I feel about monkeys. Never been a fan.

And I am still laughing my ass off at this post!

Anonymous said...

Hey monkey, tear off 15 of these!

Anything that horribly disfigures a woman,tears off the side mirror of my car and then opens the door to get at me had better be wearing some level 4 kevlar, a freaking ballistic helmet and earplugs cause I'm gonna light it up like a cheap cigar!

I read that it had been given a tranquilizer before it went beserk. I say "who cares?". I dont care if it messed up doing the Sunday Times crossword puzzle it needed to go bye bye.

catfish said...

Welcome to the brave new world, Robert....