Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Political Day

  A week or two ago, driving in from College Station, the Senate Republican Committee called.  John Cornyn is the head of it, my Senator.   Sounded fine and I have sent money before to politicians, (though I would like to have it back in several cases).
  I was driving so no credit carding- I asked them to send a notice by US mail.
  Today they called asking where their money was.  Funny thing, about the time I got the notice I also read that Senator Cornyn had voted FOR the appointment of Obama's Treasury guy, Geithner, who was tax cheat.  I sat at my desk and asked myself, "would Cornyn hire a guy for HIS staff whom he knew to be a tax cheat and a lame liar?"  
  The answer seemed to be "NO" and the paperwork got set to the side.
  So today, on the phone, without using profanity or abusing the person on the phone, I went off.  Vote to help fools without my help, thanks.
  I've had it with half-measures.  If the Republicans want my money they are going to have to grow some big, hairy balls and dangle them in the faces of the enemies of the Republic.

  I'm sending the money to the Texas State Rifle Association.   

Update:  Stimulus?  Remember the Dopeler Effect?  That's the tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter as they come at you rapidly.  


Old NFO said...

Excellent point! I'm afraid I would have used some less than polite words :-)

Anonymous said...

I think I would bring up this comment from the Shooting Wire:

"When you consider that the Republican National Committee's new head, Michael Steele, is quoted in the Examiner as saying "society should draw lines. What do you need an assault weapon for, if you're going hunting? That's overkill. But I don't think that means you go for a total ban for those who want to us a gun for skeet shooting or hunting or things like that. But what's the point of passing gun laws if you're not going to enforce them? If you want to talk about gun control, that's where we need to start…"

Actually, Mr. Steel, your comment makes it obvious that gun owners have once again been hosed by a political party that claimed it was solidly in support of the Second Amendment."

If they're going to hose me, not much I can do about it but damn if I'm going to pay money to contribute to the hosing!

catfish said...

nicely done!