Saturday, February 21, 2009

Socks the Clinton's former cat, dead.

  Bob, the White Cat of Death.

  Socks, the Clinton's Whitehouse cat just died.  The press made a big deal about Socks and Buddy the dog when Bill and Hillary were in office.  Funny thing, Socks died in Los Angeles, if you read the story, and had lived with Betty Currie since the Clintons left office. 

 That's 2001.

  So, who's cat WAS this, anyway?  If your cat doesn't live with it your cat?  If you give it up as soon as you move, was it EVER your cat?

  Buddy ran loose and was killed by a car some in 2002.

  The Clintons: Fabulous people.  Good with animals.  I just hope Bettie gives Socks a Christian Burial.

Update:  Didn't Obama promise his kids a dog?  Where's the dog?


Len said...

Bill took care of "his" animals about as well as he took care with the promise he made to Hillary when they got married.
Maybe, being the "new age" liberals that they are, they didn't bother with the part about being "faithful" to one another.
Nothing wrong with that if you really don't care about the person you make the promise to.
I'm too "old fashioned" for politics.

catfish said...

I imagine that new dog is wherever my tax cut is!

Anonymous said...

I thought the cat's name was 'Vince'?

Breda said...

...sigh. Don't get me started.

Windy Wilson said...

Poor Socks, 'curiosity killed the cat', you know. If he hadn't been putting his nose where it didn't belong, he would have lived to a ripe old age, but he had to find out about stuff that really did not concern him. As Slick Willie said back in the days when Monica Lewinsky and Rose Law Firm were in the news daily, "They even subpoenaed Socks, and he wasn't even alive when none of that stuff happened." Well, now he's dead, and all because all of that stuff that didn't happen was about to get out.