Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Cups of January

  So.  In my list of New Years Resolutions, (NYRs) was the promise to shrink my carbon footprints by not using so many dang styrofoam cups.  We were both burning a couple from Brady's Coffee daily along with one each from Taco Wacco.  Thaz a lotta cups per day. (CPD)  We were chopping down a Styro tree daily in the Amazon Basin.  I didn't want to do much, just cut my usage in half and trim the tree instead of felling it.  Use a little styro-fu.
  How's that going after the month of Janus?  Pretty good: still using the first few cups from the first days of the year.  Just rinse and repeat.  Big tea cups from Taco Wacco...not so good.   It might be a translation error but it's easy to give them the old cup and get TWO cups back.  Plus a styrofoam plate.
  Across the board its pretty crazy.  The fast food nation is built on toss-away containers, napkins  and plates.  Whataburger at least is using a wrap and a sack and the Koreans at the donut shops give you a bag.  I'm going to keep it up.  Probably cut the total to 1/20th on just the Brady cups.
  It ain't reloading.  One brass hull probably equals ten styro-trees when you are using your NYR to adjust your CPD, but it's something.  I may not be green but I am green-ish, and that's a start. 


Old NFO said...

Don't get me started... sigh... At least most of the fast food places have dumped styro in favor of cardboard and paper :-)

Anonymous said...

well, how about a china cup and saucer? Most will last a lifetime. ;)