Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ansel

  Ansel Adams, born on February 20th, 1902.  I don't think I ever put my Deardorff on the tripod without thinking about him.  A class guy and a nice guy.  You'll notice I keep the Yosemite webcam on my blogroll just so I can see the weather up the valley every day.
  I expect I'm the only person to ever turn down being his assistant.  


homebru said...

On second thought, being an assistant (he who totes the gear) to a guy who uses large-format view cameras in steep terrain might not be as much fun as it sounds.

Unless you really like sniffing D-76 fumes.

Robert said...

Great company with a wonderful view though...I'd certainly be a different person.

Len said...

I've found that you don't get addicted to the D-76, it's the HYPO fumes (Fixer,Sodium Thiosulfate) that you learn to love.