Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back when this was a free country.

  Here's Mary as a 60 year old  bon viant and professor of english in the studio photography class at Tyler Junior College about 1980.  Smoking.  On campus.  I think that's a misdemeanor now, at the least an event to summon the campus police. 
  Her parents were farmers but first job as a young lady was working for Southwestern Bell in Jacksonville Texas.  There were very few phones then, no drivers license, few taxes, no season for game animals and the Feds actually respected the US Constitution.  A different era.

  Update:  I'd never mixed a drink until Mary taught me to mix bloody marys.  Having a gin martini now, dirty, in her memory.  good thing I'm not operating heavy's to her.  God Bless.


catfish said...

great pic

smith kaich jones said...

I linked this pic & the previous post to my blog. Neighborhood update - one soul missing. Thanks.


phlegmfatale said...

Mary looks like my kind of gal. I love the way she holds her cigarette. Here's to enjoying yourself at every age, and despite God's little hall monitors who would save us from ourselves.