Sunday, February 8, 2009

Where's Obama?

  Weirdest story of the month is the President ignoring the disastrous ice storm through the central mideast.  Some parts of Kentucky have been without power or water for more than a week now, in freezing weather.  
  Obama's response?  Turn up the Whitehouse thermostat to orchid-growing temps and serve 100.00 a pound Waygu steaks for everyone.  Some staffer should remind him that Kentucky and Ohio are some of the 57 states.
  Enter David Strange, hustler, hard working entrepreneur and (happy to report) a Texan.
  Obama may be indifferent to freezing white people who didn't vote for him, but David sees an opportunity.

Update:  I'm calling Kay Bailey Hutchinson's office and ask why David Strange isn't nominated for the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Update:  Remember when Bush staff moved into the West Wing and the "w" was missing from most of the keyboards?  Didn't hear anything about "o" being missing.  Did anyone?


Old NFO said...

He's making do, and hustling to get things done. THAT is the American way, not waiting on the government to do it for you.

catfish said...

Change you can believe in!!

d smith kaich jones said...

Kentucky was a red state in the election. That's all the reason Obama needs.