Sunday, February 8, 2009

Daily Deercam

  Unknown.  Wasn't a time I was near the cam.  Bigfoot.

  This nursing bitch, (sorry) was at both cams.

  Crows talking corn at the trap.

  Dogs after the coon.  This will get you shot with a suppressed 10/22.

  This years buck fawns.

  Squirrel adjusting the camera.

  Had the two little bucks.  If they make it to next fall they are going to be awfully cute running around.
  Dogs attacked the trap with a coon in it.  They got beat up pretty badly, blood all over the trap, plus the handle, hand shield and trip levers were bitten off.  Took a bit of looking to find everything. The coon seemed untouched but it must have been sporty for a bit.
  Walked the hills across the creek into glorious deer habitat.  Absolutely perfect.  Plenty of cover, grass, brouse, acorns.  Many rubs and even a scrape.  Two climbing stands at the base of pines up past the best part.  I looked under each of them for brass on the ejection side.  Nothing. One of the stands had been moved a few trees to one side.  The squirrels had been shredding the straps and pads.   Tough hunting without some scent and rattling.
  I need a couple of cams back there with scent for an attractant.  I think there are some big bucks that use this as their core area.  It's over 100 acres of hilltop cover.  I kept an eye on the sun direction so I wouldn't get lost.
  Pig graveyard just off the adjacent hilltop. I thought I was seeing a horse skull until I spotted the one-piece jawbone.   Three year old skeletons of 13 hogs.  Skulls tend to wander off but that was the pelvis (pelvi?) count.  Only one skull had a bullet hole- .30-.38 cal from overhead.  Pistol coup de gras.
  Rode some game trails that followed the elevation contour coming out and homed in on the big Heron rookery.  They were busy stealing sticks from each others nests.  I hadn't been up the hills behind the cam since 1975.  I'm sure I look at them a lot differently now than then.
  I pulled the trap but I wove a cedar bough into the licking branch over the scrape in front of the cam and soaked it down with buck scent.  Be interesting to see what shows up.

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Anonymous said...

Mystery picture looks like a small to medium size feral hogs back to me but I could be wrong.