Sunday, February 1, 2009


  Heartless folks.  Arrogant too.


Old NFO said...

It's change alright, change for the worst... And the MSM is definitely in bed with them too! Of course one reason there is no outcry, most of those inconvienenced are not black- You don't see Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton out there beating the drum of racism...

Anonymous said...

As some who lives in SO. KY, I don't know what FEMA could do about impassable roads that KY National Guard, KYDOT,local government and utilities aren't already doing.

I got missed but about 50% of the folks I work with are still with out power. People are helping out each other as best as the can.

Alot of people will be upgrading the emergency plans after this storm.

As for The Obmama and the MSN, is that surprising?


Robert Langham said...
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