Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Local Self Defense Against Burglars.

  A little LSDAB.  14-year old burglars and no mention of what type gun.  I think this is subsidized housing.  Lucky no one was hurt worse.  Shooting through doors pretty sketchy tactics, though burglars deserve whatever happens to them.

  She could have just called for help.

Update:  Sailorcurt has the correct approach in comments.  SLAP leather, you polecats!


Sailorcurt said...

I disagree. A woman in the home locked in the bedroom with her children.

Unknown number of assailants armed with unknown numbers and types of weapons trying to gain entry.

We've been told to identify targets, but this one was pretty cut and dried. Was she supposed to wait until they got into the room? All kinds of things could have happened then and most of them bad.

She did the right thing IMHO. If you wait until you can see them, you're also waiting until they can see you.

End the threat BEFORE they start shooting at you...not after they have a clear lane to return fire.

Robert said...

This is the age of the Obama. Aren't we supposed to talk this stuff out, reach across the divides and unify as one now? Instead, she's hauling out her shooting iron and busting a cap in poor, poor child. Heck, he was probably just looking for a grade-level book to read!

Len said...

Who's sorry now, who's sorry now?
Kid's lucky he's not dead!
Should be down on his knees begging for forgiveness.
Oh hell! Who cares? Dumb SOB was somewhere he had no business being.

Farm.Dad said...

Well color me foolish , but i honestly don't see what a couple of pre teen boys and a " nerf " machine gun brings to the discussion . if its an attempt at humor it missed the mark for me . The headline from the other link screams " Woman, Locked in Bedroom, Shoots Burglar Through Door" . My god man how far do you suspect we should retreat before we fire ? . Frankly i dont care what Your state law says , if you get to the point that you are barricaded in a bedroom because they already broke into your house .. well shoot them , thro the door or otherwise , but shoot them . No one who is a friend will attempt to kick your door at that point .

Old NFO said...

I've got agree with Sailorcurt- PLENTY of justification and the kids in the bedroom with her, so anybody else was a target. If I'm barricaded in my bedroom, I WOULD be shooting through the door too!

Paul said...

"Aren't we supposed to talk this stuff out".

Reminds me when King Leonidas was discussing such with Xerxes (in the movie 'The 300'.

Xerxes says, "Come Leonidas, let us reason together. It would be a regrettable waste.All because of a simple misunderstanding. There is much our cultures could share."

And Leonidas says, "Haven't you noticed? We've been sharing our culture with you all morning."

She did reason with the invaiders. And she let her gun do her talking for her.

Robert said...

I'm absolutely of the opinion that whatever happens to burglars is the burglars fault. Death included. Just surprised that having Obama elected hasn't brought sweetness and light to the whole civilized world and the heathen nations. I thought the MSM said it was GOING to.
14 year old burglars...and who knows what else?
Be another shooting or two by later in the week. Had a guy walk up and panhandle me IN my driveway today!
Pretty crazy out there.
Sorry I missed on the humor. There will be other posts and other chances.
I bet they cut those other 14 year old loose and someone else has to shoot them later.

smith kaich jones said...

Per Michael: If you were to catch his son breaking into your house or apartment, he would expect you to shoot. The kid would deserve it.

PS - Re: the panhandler in the driveway. Did he give you the same spiel he gave me? About how his "organization" helped young men like himself develop "good eye contact"? I had to laugh & then shoo him away.

:) Debi

Rabbit said...

One word.