Saturday, December 19, 2009


Gander Mountain had CCI Large Pistol primers but wanted 5.00 per 100. A nickel apiece. At the Tyler Gun Show I found 1000 Wolf LPs for 30.00 flat Yankee dollars. Three cents each.

Seems like the availability is getting better and the prices easing off. There can't be many things cheaper to make than primers. Powder Valley doesn't have CCI 450 small rifle but lists them at 24.50/1000. Natchez lists, (out of stock), CCI Small Rifle for 25.21/1000. Still high. Can't cost a half cent each to make them.

Shipping as well along with that idiotic Hazmat charge of 22.50 per 50 lbs. Thanks again for the good governance!


Anonymous said...

Gander Mountain is all about the Rolex crowd!

smith kaich jones said...

This has nothing to do with your post, other than it's gun related. I was just out & about & saw, at Tuesday Morning, a "machine gun" lamp. Fake machine gun holding a lampshade full of either bullet holes or stars. And I wondered if they send all of those little beauties to Texas.


:) Debi

Paul said...

Over at the 'Merchantile' on HWY 115 toward Lake Palestine they want SIX dollars per 100 for primers (the whole store is high for guns, ammo, or well, anything.

Lucky for me, Mac's Gunshop did me favors selling me rather old CCI primers for $19 a thousand. They all work perfect and have plenty of shooting ammo.

Robin said...

Prices at the local gun show today were all over the place for primers, but I finally found Winchester WLP for $35/1000 and picked up a bunch.

Another table had Wolf pistol and rifle primers for around $40/1000

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you're a nice guy and load ammo for everyone else with your primers. BTW those Federal and CCI primers at the show cost our friend about 30.00 per 1000, I asked.

Arthur said...

"...that idiotic Hazmat charge of 22.50 per 50 lbs. Thanks again for the good governance!"

I've just assumed it was .gov's way of saying, "Stock up! Make sure to buy in bulk!"