Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just past the Winter Solstice

Longest night of the year was last night but today didn't seem any longer. It turned warmer out and the lab and studio seem very cold inside in comparison. Water temp around 60 degrees out of the faucet. Shot some film with my 5X7 today and processed it. Was interested to see X-tol developer still hanging in there. I'm sure I mixed it up in September. Shooting Ilford FP4 sheet film. Nice looking negatives of winter woods scenes for a client. Wonderful overcast light and hardly any wind. Just a breeze was enough to make one photo a non-starter on the little hilltop where I was working: a nest of small vines in front of an Oak.

Good time of the year to order film and paper. It doesn't get heated up during shipping.

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Ritchie said...

I noted at least a year ago that X-tol no longer lists any sort of ascorbate or vitamin C related ingredient. And the listed storage life is shorter than it used to be. But I have not the skills to see if this makes any difference in results.