Saturday, December 19, 2009

Naked Emperors

.......besides our political class and environmental scientists...

Avatar evidently sucks. Lefty political propaganda. Dumb story. Too bad. I had high hopes. Early viewers say it's so relentlessly stupid that their BS sensors are burning out before the first act is over. Oh well.

Guess I'll have to hang in for the remake of Deathwish by Mike Caine. That's getting pretty good reviews. He insists its not a remake of Deathwish but the clips show it all: It's Deathwish. Get over it Sir Caine. Jodi Foster had to with her remake of Deathwish: The Brave One.

Missed The Hurt Locker. It gets good reviews as a hell of a movie. Lefty BS, hell of a movie or Deathwish?

They think we're stupid.


Earl said...

I just saw AVATAR, it is good high speed adventure - the PC is all over it, but they kill bad guys dead, and that isn't PC. So I like it and will buy the DVD one day when it gets released, a great story for folks that think what a wonder the movie is, just amazing what they get dragons to do, and plants and it is worth the cost of admission, you won't become a tree hugger, but you might stand up to the Red Coats one day.

Anonymous said...

Dunno. My 13 year old daughter and her friends went and saw it yesterday. She said the girls were trying to get the guys to leave after 15 minutes but the (13 year old) guys thought it was pretty cool. Whatever that means.


Anonymous said...

The Hurt Locker comes out on DVD January 12th 2010.

Bobby Nations said...

The Hurt Locker is worth the money just as long as shaky-cam doesn't bother you. Nausea drove me out about 15 minutes before the end, but I still recommend it. Definitely not your standard leftist, Hollywood pap.

Can't speak about the others as I haven't seen them.